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Path of the ninja:1. chapter
It was six a.m. Sasaki was sleeping. But then he opened his eyes.- Today i am learning my first technique. He says to himself. Better hurry up not to be late.<br />
Page 2: It was sunny day as Sasaki gets by his house. A man was waiting by the tree.- You&#039;ve arrived, huh? Says the man and smiles.<br />
Page 3:Okay dad! Start our training! Says Sasaki.<br />
Okay, i will now show you your first technique. Fuuton:Tornado! The time he did the technique, there was a big tornado that was blowing away all the trees.<br />
Page 4:Tornado stopped. -That is the technique, try do it. Our wind clan has a very good amount of wind techniques, and this is the basic one. This ninja world has created energy so that we can do techniques. But as you know, energy isn&#039;t forever, you got tired after some time.<br />
Page 5: Okay, you try and do it.Put your energy in your hand and mix it with wind. Sasaki says:Okay, here i go! Wind technique:Tornado! But tornado wasn&#039;t there at all, it barely cut the grass.<br />
-You aren&#039;t focusing enough! Try to mold your energy harder!<br />
Page 6:The days passed, and Sasaki tried to do the technique, every day. And then one day: Wind technique: Tornado! The tornado was so strong that Sasaki&#039;s dad almost got wiped out by it. -Wow! Says his dad to himself, his technique surpass mine in my young ages.<br />
Yes! I did it! Sasaki was happy like he never was.<br />
Page 7:Bravo! You have your first technique now! Use it wise in battle. And remember, always watch for your energy.<br />
At the same time he said that, ninja jumped in front of them:Saykio-san,You are wanted by our leader. Says ninja and jumps back. <br />
Page 8: Okay, i am going now Sasaki. You go in the house now and save your energy.<br />
I wonder what is it now. Says Saykio.<br />
Page 9: Sasaki is in his house now. I did it. Now when i have my first mission, i will be the best in it! But when will my first mission start? I wonder.<br />
Saykio is at leader. Saykio, welcome. Says the man<br />
Page 10: Only one thing i have to say to you. -What is it, Yuuki-sama? Asks Saykiou.<br />
Chidora is on the move! Says Yuuki-sama.<br />
Saykio can&#039;t believe what is he hearing.

by Danko123
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 547
Property: Naruto