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naruto Vs Naruto??(part 3)
arggggg.....(naruto)<br />
<br />
heh ur weak i cant believe you kill pain(hand seals)gaint heh gaint rasengan(a rasengan size of a universal spirt bomb)this should end it(dopple naruto)<br />
<br />
theres no way i could count nor dodge that but take it head on with a...normal rasengan,or gaint odame rasengan yeah that will do(shadow clone justu)gain odame rasengan!!!<br />
big explosen<br />
<br />
(btw this battle takes place in the forrest of death)a gain hole appears in the middle<br />
<br />
both naruto&#039;s are blown away<br />
<br />
leaf anbu/jounin head to the destroyed debrief(of how ever its spelled o.O)<br />
<br />
tune in sunday for part 4

by darkto
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 771
Property: Naruto