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Dream style part two.
“So he fell for the trap huh? Kabuto take these children and tell them about the mission if he did actually fall for it they can be even more useful than they have yet.” Orochimaru looked at the small children whom he had already given the curse mark. “If he truly is as strong as his brother claims and Sasuke too, then he will make an excellent vessel for me, so long as he can stand still for at least as long as it takes for the fear to take over. I will control so much when he dies.”<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
* * * * * *<br />
<br />
“I Uzumaki Kisakame, of sound mind and body, proclaim this as my last will and testament of my life in this world. To my brother Naruto Uzumaki I leave the control of The Village Hidden in the Thorns, I leave the Title of Togekage, to him. To my teacher Hatake Kakashi I leave my sword, Ryuhada, Kakashi please note that every five years you will need to take it to the dragon stone in the land of wind to get the element changed. To my partner and teammate I leave my orchid orchard and my house nearby, Please take care of them Sakura they need care and love, To the hokage that raised me as her own for many years, Tsunade I leave my worldy possessions to you and my house in the land of the crescent moon, The one right next to the casinos. You’re welcome. This concludes my last will and testament please take care and tell hinata I love her.”<br />
He sat there reading that back and crying in it. He put it in his pocket then summoned a large praying mantis.<br />
“Send this to the leaf village, and then you can disappear for a while.” The mantis started his flight and the letter made it to the leaf village. Tsunade started reading the letter and was outraged she immediately called what was left of team seven. Even though it was late she new what to call them with, when they got there she handed it out, Naruto was stuttering like an idiot, Kakashi was as glum as he had ever been, and Sakura was close to crying. <br />
“What is the idiot thinking why is he sending out his Will?! Where is he?!” Naruto was shouting and his eyes were starting to turn red. <br />
“I’m here, don’t try talking back this is a shadow clone. I’m looking for Hinata, where is she?” <br />
“I’m right here, Kisakame, why did you leave? You had me worried sick and I love you too.” They stood there he held her in his arms as she cried and shook, she looked into his face with tear stained eyes, She looked like she was about to kiss him, but he pushed her away and only kissed her on the forehead again. <br />
“Naruto, Hinata’s crazy about you, and I think you like her back, and you being so clueless, don’t even know she likes you. Now you two get together you 2 are perfect for each other.” They stood there looking at each other and they ended up kissing as the shadow clone disappeared.

by Thornmaster_911
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 592
Property: Naruto