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She's the blade_Kakashi_info, 1
Hiya! I&#039;m Miko Yamashita. I&#039;m a Jonin and captain of team 11. Consisting of Headstrong Miharu, shy and quiet Kumi, and cold hard Yumi.<br />
My students call me Miko-sensei. For clothes I wear black ninja keprees and a black tee shirt. My main weapon is probably my katana that resembles Toshiro Hitsugaya&#039;s from Bleach. I also have a ninja dog named Kiki. She&#039;s a large dark Akita whom I love dearly. She&#039;s been with me since I was an infant. Also I&#039;m only 24.<br />
<br />
__+_STORY_+__<br />
&quot;HEY! MIKO-SENSEI!!!&quot; Yelled Miharu jumping on my back. I bent over making her fall on her butt. <br />
&quot;That wasn&#039;t cool, sensei!&quot; She scowled up at me.<br />
&quot;You can&#039;t fool your sensei!&quot; I yelled confidently.&#039;Oy... I&#039;ve been hanging around with Guy too often&#039; I thought.<br />
&quot;Hey, Miko&quot; said a deep voice from behind me.<br />
I turned and saw my crush... Kakashi Hatake.<br />
&quot;Hey Kakashi-san,&quot; I greeted smiling and folding my arms behind my back.<br />
&quot;Whats up?&quot; I asked. Kakashi doesn&#039;t generally hunt me down for nothing. As far as I know.<br />
&quot;The Hokage ordered for us to go on a mission together. It&#039;s an S ranked mission and it only requires us.&quot; Kakashi said walking up to me.<br />
&quot;Okay. Just let me wrap things up here and I&#039;ll go with you.&quot; I claimed.<br />
I turned to my team.<br />
&quot;Hey guys, trainings over. You dont have to go home but you can&#039;t stay here!&quot; I yelled.<br />
Kiki rounded them up and nudged their knees until they finally went away.<br />
I turned back to Kakashi.<br />
&quot;So what&#039;s the mission?&quot; I asked. I gave him a puzzled look as I noticed he started pulling down his mask.<br />
&quot;This&quot; He said and swiftly placed his mouth onto mine. My eyes were wide with surprise whilst his were sliding shut as he melted into the kiss. My eyes too eventually slid shut. I felt lightheaded, then I remembered how to breathe through my nose. Kakashi pushed me to the ground and started peeling my shirt off...<br />
<br />
I sat straight up in bed, sweating bullets and breathing heavily.<br />
&quot;Just a dream... Just a dream&quot; I told myself and jumped out of bed. I got up too fast and black clouded my vision temporarily. As my vision cleared up I walked to my bathroom and showered. As I got dressed for the new day I heard a knock at my door. I pulled on my shirt as soon as I got to the door. <br />
I opened the door to see the one and only Kakashi Hatake leaning against my doorway...<br />
<br />
2 B Continued

by adrenalineXlove
Written: 5 years ago
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