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Long Tme...
I stood 200 yards due south east of konoha village, my old home. I wasn&#039;t hiding the fact that I was returning to the village after all these years. Its been about 18 years since my brother saved this village from the nine tail fox. Oh how the sadness came rushing back as I got closer.<br />
&quot;Hold it!&quot; The voice came from behind me. I knew I was attracting attention I was wearing green robes and my face was hidden in the darkness of my hood.<br />
Anbu was my first thought. &quot;OK you got me.&quot; I replied calmly and raised my hands into the air slowly. &quot;Took a good while for the welcome party to show up.&quot; <br />
&quot;Dont be funny! Who are you and what are you doing here?&quot; At this point I felt an arm reach around from behind and place a kunai at my throat. <br />
&quot;If I told you who I was, you wouldnt believe me. But If I was you I would remove that kunai from my throat! Its no way to be polite.&quot; I just watched as three ninja just appear in the clearing. But no way could I believe my eyes. I saw the white wolf walking towards me!<br />
&quot;doesnt matter now.&quot; Replied the Anbu as he pulled back his kunai then disappeared out of sight. <br />
I pulled down my hood and let my cloak fall to the ground. Showing off my dark ninja like attire with the konoha headband tied around my arm and my forest sage headband covering my forehead. &quot;You cant be the white wolf!&quot; I yelled to the approaching party in startled confusion.<br />
&quot;No I get that alot. Im his son. And your no konoha ninja that I know of, so who the hell are you?&quot; replied Kakashi as he stood just 5 yards from me. He had 2 people atanding at either side. Both about the same age. One young female ninja in pink, and the other a male ninja in orange with a coat that reminded me of my brother. <br />
&quot;Well its been along time since I have been home Kakashi. Is there not someone a little older not around like one of the 3 sanin, or the thrid hokage?&quot;<br />
&quot;Nope your out of luck. 2 out of 3 sanin are dead and the 3rd is dead aswell. So how about you answer that question now.&quot; At this point I felt a hold on me from my shadow. <br />
&quot;Oh shadow jutsu. I was wondering why your fourth teammates stayed so far back.&quot; I looked around, I already planned for this. &quot;I do think that this is pointless. One the shadow jutsu isnt holding the real me and second your sharingan is useless against me. I learned a few things from my brother before I left.&quot; While saying this I just kept staring at the young man standing next to him. His yellow hair, robe like coat, and he had SAGE EYES. To be specific Mountain Sage Toad Eyes. &quot;Oh looks like could get interesting, a sage ninja.&quot; With that my shadow clone vanished before them. So three in the meadow, one in the sky, and 2 hiding in the forest. One the shadow user. I love welcoming parties I thought to myself. <br />
I lept forward with 2 more shadow clones keeping a distant to the sides of me. Im going to need some help here. &quot; Lets go confront them and surprise them with a little summoning jutsu.&quot;<br />
&quot;Alright sounds like fun.&quot;<br />
&quot;Your going to attracted alot more attention.&quot;<br />
&quot;Well you 2 are spot on. No other I love shadow clones.&quot; The three of us laughed.

by Erelous
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 628
Property: Naruto