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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 7
Chapter 7-Oujou and Misaki&#039;s plan<br />
<br />
Far away, at their hideout, Oujou and Misaki are planning something…<br />
Misaki: ‘So, we took the 8th Hurricane Chosen’s Weapon, Oujou – sama. What are we going to do from now on?’<br />
Oujou: ‘Don’t act like you don’t know. We are just going to gather the other Chosens’ Weapons and then to complete the rite of summoning The Death King on the Earth. It’s simple’<br />
Misaki: ‘I don’t really understand what you are saying. And I think it’s about time you told me what your true intentions are. Otherwise, I won’t cooperate with you anymore and turn against you and you know this wouldn’t be good for you.’<br />
Oujou: ‘Easy, easy, boy. There would be no benefit nor for me, nor for you if we didn’t work together. Each one wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. Well, even now, we have to gain more and more power to…<br />
Misaki: ‘Don’t underestimate me, you idiot. I didn’t need you in first place. I just thought things would be easier when I work with you. And, cut off the bullshits about more power. Aren’t we strong enough now?’<br />
Oujou: ‘No matter how strong we get, we still have to gain power. There’s no limit for us. And that’s why we should complete the rite of summoning The Death King on the Earth. Once he is here, we can consider the war is ours.’<br />
Misaki: ‘Blah-blah, stop already and go straight to the point and explain everything clearly.’<br />
Oujou: ‘Right, right, boy. To complete this rite we need the 12th Weapons of the Chosen Ones, the bones of the –Kages of the 12 main villages and the blood of a wizard. Once we gather these things we can summon the Death King, to wake him up from his slumber. Huh, yeah, we also need a body to be the vessel of his soul because he is just a spirit. And I have just marked a certain person for the vessel named Deviru Nakiji’<br />
Misaki: ‘Then, let’s start with this girl… Jin … whatever. I heard that the Storm Chosen – Hanako has joined her.’<br />
Oujou: ‘Ooh, well, well. Let’s leave them for the end. I have settle things with them. For that they did to me, 10 years ago. They will pay the biggest price for sealing me in that magic wall. They should have tear me into pieces if they wanted to wipe me out of the Earth. Well, I guess they still don’t know I have been released by you, boy. It’s going to be a great surprise for them. Especially, for Hanako… the scum who delivered the final blow to me‘<br />
Misaki: ‘Judging by the things you’re saying… It can’t be…’<br />
Oujou: ‘Yes, boy. I am the Thirteenth. And come to think of it… I just decided that a little… attack against the village might be good. Just to let them know that I am still alive….’<br />
Misaki: ‘That’s the way it should be…. Then, let’s do it…<br />
Tomorrow, it is going to rain blood. (evil smile }

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 470
Property: Naruto