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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Old rivals<br />
<br />
Jin and Hanako are heading for the Cloud Village as fast as they can. When they finally reach it, they only see ruined buildings, smoke from explosions and the leftovers of dead bodies. They search for survivors but with no luck. Jin sits on the ground and starts to cry.<br />
Hanako: I don’t understand how two people can destroy a whole village!<br />
Jin: This is horrible! I can’t believe everyone was killed!<br />
Hanako: Jin, don’t you think it’s related to those two strangers you saw that night? It’s the same as before. They just come out of nowhere and start destroying everything.<br />
Jin: Yes, that may be so. That man said something about one of the guy’s eyes. It’s definitely him. That night, when I looked him in the eyes, I felt something weird. It was like my blood was about to come out of my body. It was creepy. <br />
Hanako: Well there’s nothing we can do about the village anymore. I think there’s something familiar about the way it was attacked but I just can’t remember.<br />
(creepy voice from the forest)<br />
Come to me Hanako. Come to me. <br />
Jin: What was that? Where did it come from? <br />
Hanako: I think I remember that voice from somewhere. Let’s go check it out.<br />
Jin and Hanako follow the mysterious voice which leads them deeper and deeper into the forest. <br />
Jin: I don’t hear the voice anymore. <br />
Hanako: It sounds so familiar, but from where?<br />
Two shadows appear from the woods. It’s Oujou and Misaki! Oujou had planned this all along. He attacked the Cloud village because he knew that Jin and Hanako would come right away. <br />
Oujou: Are you surprised to see me out of that wall, Hanako?<br />
Hanako: I…Im...Impossible!<br />
…<br />
Misaki: Man, people get too scared sometimes. It pisses me off.<br />
Oujou: Now, now, boy. Calm down and don’t do anything stupid.<br />
Misaki: Yeah, sure.<br />
Oujou: Do you remember me, Hanako? It was indeed me, who you sealed into that wall that kept me in prison for years. Let’s see how you like being trapped!<br />
Oujou makes some kind of hand seals. Suddenly, a black square appears around Jin and Hanako. Hanako tries to break it, but nothing happens.<br />
Oujou: You can’t escape Hanako! That’s my “dark barrier” which is impenetrable!<br />
Misaki: And to make it more fun, you have only five minutes before all of your blood comes out. When that happens, you’ll be dead meat!<br />
Numbers appear on the barrier, which count down the time left for Jin and Hanako.<br />
<br />
What will happen to Jin and Hanako? Next chapter: The truth about Shouta.

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 445
Property: Naruto