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Battle Within Part 1
Naruto had just finished a mission with Kakashi-Senei and Sakura when Kakashi-Sensei offered to treat them to ramen<br />
Naruto: Really?! Kashashi-sensei your the best!HAHAHA<br />
He ran off into the distance<br />
Sakura: We&#039;d Better catch up with him, after a long mission who knows how much ramen he&#039;ll eat. <br />
They run and catch up with him to see him sprint and jump onto the roof.<br />
Sakura: Whats up with Naruto? I&#039;ll take care of this sensei<br />
Sakura jumps on the roof and catches up with Naruto<br />
Sakura: Naruto what are y.....<br />
Voice: Hello Sakura<br />
Sakura: Sasuke....<br />
Instead of just standing there like Naruto she goes in for the punch but Sasuke easily dodges she keeps going until Sasuke fights back with a strong blow to the chest she goes flying backwards but Naruto catches her and sets her down as she coughs and splutters trying to breath.<br />
Naruto: What do you want Sasuke<br />
Sasuke: You<br />
Tailed Fox: Come on Naruto, your not gonna let him kill you, <br />
Naruto: get lost<br />
Fox: I can break this seal Naruto, if u die I die remember that.<br />
Naruto: I won&#039;t let you control me aghhh<br />
He falls to his knees clenching his stomach<br />
Fox: I control you Naruto<br />
------------------------------------------<br />
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by madmel0za
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 581
Property: Naruto