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Battle Within Part 2
Sakura: NARUTO!!<br />
She runs over to his side and see&#039;s blood coming from his stomach<br />
Sakura: Naruto!<br />
She rips of his shirt and the seal is bleeding heavily<br />
Fox: Let me out Naruto, you will die if you don&#039;t let me out, you&#039;ll never get Sasuke back<br />
Naruto: ARGH I WON&#039;T LET YOU<br />
*starts coughing up blood*<br />
Sasuke: Naruto so weak, i don&#039;t even know why they needed you,<br />
He turns around and starts walking off<br />
Sasuke: Goodbye Naruto<br />
Fox: Your not gonna let him get away are you<br />
Naruto: Your right but I&#039;m not letting you out either<br />
He slowly gets up and stands up<br />
Sakura: Naruto no! Don&#039;t do this!<br />
Naruto: Sakura leave me alone<br />
*Cough cough* <br />
Fox: Weak Naruto, you have to know your limits, your bleeding everywhere, let me take care of the rest<br />
Naruto: I can&#039;t take this anymore!<br />
He gets out a kunai knife and stabs himself in the seal<br />
Sakura: NARUTO!<br />
Naruto: Remember If I die, you die, If I kill you, thats one less thing that this world has to burden<br />
*coughs up heaps of blood*<br />
Sakura: NARUTO<br />
Fox: Fine, I&#039;ll leave you alone, but don&#039;t you die Naruto or you&#039;ll regret it<br />
Naruto loses conciousness<br />
Sakura: oh Naruto, we need to get you to Tsunade<br />
She picks him up and sprints towards the hospital<br />
Naruto: Sakura, I&#039;m sorry<br />
Sakura: Naruto, shut up, I&#039;ll pound on you later<br />
---------------------------------------------<br />
I know it&#039;s bad but I&#039;ve never written a fan fic before so yeh let me know how bad it is lol

by madmel0za
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 519
Property: Naruto