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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 11
Chapter 11: The truth about Hanako and Oujou’s past.<br />
<br />
Shouta came just in time to save Jin and Hanako from Oujou&#039;s &quot;dark barrier&quot;. Now, it&#039;s time for Hanako to tell the truth.<br />
Jin: From where do you know that evil guy? What is this sealing he was talking about? You&#039;ve told me a story about an evil spirit appearing during the &quot;Great War&quot; but I still don&#039;t understand.<br />
Hanako: Yes, as you say, Oujou appeared in the &quot;Great War&quot; and threatened to destroy mankind. There was a man who sealed Oujou into a magic wall and he’s been trapped in there for years.<br />
Jin: You told me that the man died. <br />
Hanako: Yes, but that’s what everybody thinks. Actually, the man who sealed Oujou was… me… The technique I used to seal him should have indeed killed me, but it was Oujou that was keeping me alive all this time. He did something to me, and that thing didn’t let me die. It is because Oujou wanted to kill me with his own hands when he gets out. We just saw that he is free once more. Whoever let him out must be really strong to be able to break the seal. <br />
Jin: And Oujou really did come to kill you…<br />
Hanako: Yes, and now that he wasn’t able to do it, I’m sure we will meet him again. We must be prepared this time. I was the only one who had the guts to face him that time, but now I feel like I’m useless compared to his powers.<br />
Jin: Well if he’s an old spirit, why does he look like a teenage boy? <br />
Hanako: What you saw wasn’t his true form. He took over the body of an innocent little boy, because he can’t stay alive too long in the sun.<br />
Jin: At first, he looks unbeatable, but if his weakness is the sun, why can’t anyone kill him? That’s such a big weakness. Can’t you use it against him?<br />
Hanako: I wish I could say it’s true, but I can’t. Even with such a big weakness, no one has even made a scratch on him for all these years. I was barely able to seal him, and still, he found a way to get out. I don’t think the world has ever seen something so powerful before.<br />
Jin: That also means that I have to train even harder, and get even stronger than you. Right ? <br />
Hanako: I’m not going to lose to you just yet, Jin.<br />
Jin: We’ll see about that.<br />
Shouta: Ok, quit joking around you two. Aren’t you noticing something strange here?<br />
Hanako: No.<br />
Jin: Nothing at all.<br />
Shouta: That’s the problem. I don’t feel the evil group’s presence anymore.<br />
Meanwhile, deeper in the forest… <br />
Misaki: You overestimated those kids, Oujou. They got out of your barrier. I don’t feel their blood coming out anymore.<br />
Oujou: That Hanako… I’ll kill him when the time comes. Now, let’s go, boy. We’ve got other business to attend to. We have a meeting with a curtain person. I think you’ll like her.<br />
Misaki: Oh, it’s a she. Why do you think I’ll like her?<br />
Oujou: You’ll find out soon enough.<br />
Who is this person Oujou is talking about? Next chapter: Katsumi joins Oujou and Misaki.

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 440
Property: Naruto