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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Katsumi joins Oujou and Misaki<br />
<br />
Jin, Hanako and Shouta search the entire forest but they don&#039;t find the evil group anywhere. Meanwhile, Oujou and Misaki are heading for the Death Country, Blood Village. They finaly arrive.<br />
Misaki: Feels good to be back home. Who&#039;re we gonna meet, Oujou? <br />
Oujou: She should be here any minute.<br />
after 1 minute...<br />
Oujou: She has arrived.<br />
Misaki: Finaly. I almost died from waiting.<br />
Suddenly, someone appeares next to them.<br />
Oujou: Misaki, meat Katsumi. She will be part of our team from now on.<br />
Misaki (in love): Nice to meet you, miss. (kisses her hand)<br />
Oujou: Maybe you should know her true identity before you do anything &quot;stupid&quot; , Misaki.<br />
Misaki: What do you mean by &quot;true identity&quot;?<br />
Oujou: For example, her full name.<br />
Misaki: Who cares about the name.<br />
Katsumi: Who the hell is this, Oujou-sama? You said you&#039;re alone.<br />
Oujou: Maybe it&#039;s time you two find out who you really are. Misaki, this is...Katsumi...Nakamura! She is indeed your sister.You&#039;re not the only one left of your clan.<br />
Misaki: Wha..what? I have a sister?<br />
Katsumi: What are you saying, Oujou-sama? Is this really true?<br />
Oujou: Yes, it&#039;s true, Katsumi. This is your big brother.<br />
Katsumi: Well...that means we should be able to get along just fine, right, nee-san?<br />
Misaki: Nee-san? I never tough I&#039;d be happy to hear that.<br />
Oujou: Misaki, you should be careful with her. She&#039;s from your clan, but she doesn&#039;t have the same abilities. Unlike you, she can’t use “blood style”,which controls blood, but she has a different unique ability. It’s called “Blood recreating jutsu”. This jutsu allows her to recreate the molecules of any material and turn them into blood. Katsumi is the only person able to use that technique. She can also use the Great sword “Benizakura” which she created herself. <br />
People that have never met her would know that it’s Katsumi by seeing the red rose in her hair. That once was an ordinary white rose but Katsumi turned it into a rose made of blood with “blood recreating jutsu’. That blood is also a sign that Katsumi isn&#039;t a good peroson.. She kills just as much as you, Misaki. If you are on a one on one battle against her, it’s best to just run away because you won’t have much time before she turns you into blood. Once she does that, you can’t rehearse the jutsu and nobody will be able to save you. That is, if you weren&#039;t able to use &quot;blood style&quot;. The real reason I called her is because somehow,she has a connection with the Death King. Every time she turns someone into blood, she uses a forbidden spell to send that blood to the underground, where the Death King is. With the blood of helpless people, the Death King becomes stronger. With Katsumi&#039;s help, we will summon him from the underground. And than.. the world will be to it&#039;s end!<br />
Misaki: You use different blood from mine? I think I like that. (Misaki already forgot that Katsumi is his sister and he&#039;s trying to flirt with her)<br />
Katsumi: Be careful or I might kill you some day...<br />
Oujou: Calm, down, kids. (wtf? kids?) We have a lot of work to do...<br />
Is this really the end of the world? Next chapter: Jin masters the technique!

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 469
Property: Naruto