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Mixed Ninja Times (Continued)
I started to enter a daydream, after Shizune entered the room and gave the Hokage the news. I started to remember when I left Konohagakure, and I thought the Akatsuki would be the better place for me. I remembered the Akatsuki Leader’s name, but she went missing. Her name is… Adell. When I entered the Akatsuki, I had a crush on her. She had taken over as the leader of the Akatsuki after Pein was killed. I was thinking of how Adell looked before I left the Akatsuki. Adell was a little shorter than me, she had black hair, but that is all I remember about her. Then Hidan took her place as the Akatsuki Leader. There was also Zetsu, Kakuzu, Hidan, Konan, Adell, Kisame, Deidara, and Tobi whom is also known as Madara. The Members who were KIA (Killed in Action) were Itachi, and Pein. I was the third strongest and most respected while in the Akatsuki. The strongest and most respected in the Akatsuki was Adell, the second was Hidan. “Koji!” I heard Lady Tsunade yell. “Yes?” I said looking up at Lady Tsunade. “Koji, find a team and go rescue Hinata and Neji” she said looking at the floor. I nodded and I left the room. I walked out of the building and made a handsign “Shadow Clone Jutsu” I said, then there was a poof of smoke, and there were three more of me. “You go and find a team” I said to the shadow clones, and they nodded and took off to look for a team. I ran and looked for Shino Aburame. The First shadow clone went to look for Rock Lee. The second shadow clone went looking for Kiba Inuzuka. The third shadow clone went to look for Ino Yamenaka. I saw Rock lee when I went to the training field. “Are you Rock Lee?” I said when I thought I saw him. “I’m him” he said turning to me. “I need your help Rock Lee” I said looking at him. “What is it?” he said looking at me. “I need you to help me get my cousin Neji and my little sister, Hinata from the Akatsuki.” I said in one breath. “I will help you…” he said looking surprised that Neji was kidnapped. Ino Yamenaka, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame also agreed to go and help me rescue Hinata and Neji.

by Neraku_Urukana
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 254
Property: Naruto