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Naruto-Second Time Jump
This story begins eight years after Pein’s defeat at the hands of Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke has returned to the village and Team 7 has been reformed, but Kakashi has become the new Hokage. And now, all three members of Team 7 are Jonin, and all three have earned the title of Sannin. A year ago, Naruto and Sakura were married to each other.<br />
The Sannin, had just received a message from Kakashi, that they were needed for a special assignment. As they listened to the mission’s details, Inari, now 19, entered Kakashi’s office.<br />
“Inari,” Naruto said without even turning around, “its been a while.”<br />
“Yeah it has,” Inari replied, “I haven’t seen you since Grandpa and I came to rebuild the Leaf Village.”<br />
“Ya’ll can catch up on the way to the Land of Waves,” Kakashi interuppted. “But as for now, go, take out the blockade created by the Ocean Country, and make sure the bridge is rebuilt. And make sure that the casualties are as few as possible.”<br />
The Sannin nodded, and left the mansion with Inari. Twenty minutes later, the group left the Leaf Village and made way for the Land of Waves. Sasuke walked at the front, while Sakura and Naruto walked in the back and to the sides, so that they formed a triangle with Inari at the middle.<br />
“Naruto, Sakura,” Sasuke said after the group had been walking for a while.<br />
“Yeah, I know,” they both said.<br />
“Know what?” Inari asked.<br />
“Sasuke,” Naruto said. Sasuke nodded and disappeared, and reappeared holding an Ocean Ninja in a strangle hold.<br />
“You Leaf Ninja should let him go,” a voice said, echoing from all sides.<br />
Naruto smiled and shook his head as he said, “There isn’t a good enough offer on the table.”<br />
“Really,” the voice said. Then without warning, 11 Ocean Ninja appeared, encircling the group. “How about now?”

by gibbs_
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 555
Property: Naruto