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Blitz Team-Chapter 2
Several minutes after we entered Naruto’s office, the entire Blitz Team assembled. After explaining the Grass ninja’s attempted infiltration, our mission was to sneak into the Grass Village and try and figure out what they were trying to do. We split into groups of three so as to better gather information. My team’s captain is Ryu Sarutobi, and the other member of my group is Hoshi Hyuuga.<br />
<br />
“Whether or not the ninja were trying to attack anyone or not, is of no matter,” Naruto said. “Just figure out what they were trying to do.” We nodded in acknowledgement. “All right Blitz Team, go.”<br />
We dashed out of the village as quickly as we could run and it took us about 5 hours to reach the border of the Grass country.<br />
<br />
“All right guys, this is where we split up,” Ikuya Aburame, captain of the other group, said. “My team will approach from the southwest.”<br />
<br />
“All right, and we’ll come from the east,” Captain Sarutobi said. With that, my captain led us towards the eastern plain outside the Grass Village. We managed to sneak past three patrols by the time we reached the entrance, and after we reached the entrance, we saw the first possible reason for the Grass ninja’s actions. Inside, there were people from the Ocean Country. Clearly, they hadn’t forgotten what my father and godparents had done to them 24 years ago at the Land of Waves border.<br />
<br />
“Hoshi,” Captain Sarutobi said, “use your Byakugan and find where these ninja are making plans.”<br />
<br />
“Yes sir,” she responded and proceeded to scan as far as she could throughout the village. Our location didn’t offer much cover, but we seemed to elude the eyes of passing ninjas. At least, until a passing Grass ANBU patrol realized that something wasn’t quite right.<br />
<br />
I began to draw my sword, but my captain shook his head and I stopped. He drew four needles from his forearm holder and after they formed a circle under the tree we were hiding in, threw the needles into their necks and they collapsed.<br />
<br />
“Needles?” I asked. “That doesn’t guarantee death.”<br />
<br />
“Yeah it does, when they’re poisoned,” Captain Sarutobi responded. “We are going to take their cloaks and masks and sneak into the village. Understand?”

by gibbs_
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto