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the story of tobi. part 1
tobi. the leader of the infamous akatsuki. but for what? what are his goals? today we take a look at tobi&#039;s dark past as ucicha madara.<br />
<br />
<br />
night falls on the anicent land of fire. far away men hear the cry of a newborn baby. they share a secret smile. their rage will be consumed for at least a few months with innocent blood. they move towards the sound silently. they enter the clearing where the baby has been born. no one is there except for lonely woman carrying a black haired baby in her hands. one man nodds to the other and he flicks a knife catching the woman right in the throat. she falls to the ground silent. the baby starts to cry and the men move towards the baby. they look at the baby and suddenly die. they have seen the eyes of the most powerful form of sharingan. matuso sharingan. this can only be acheived when when a innocent heart has seen murder. and thus tobi is born.<br />
<br />
ill be writing part 2 sometime soon. keep looking!

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 922
Property: Naruto