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Naruto-Second Time Jump-Chapter 3.1
As the group reached the place where the bridge once stood, the Sannin thought they might have been in the wrong location because it looked as if a bridge had never been built. As they looked around for a boat, a passing group of Ocean country boats began shooting volleys of arrows at everyone.<br />
“Inari! Get down!” Naruto said as he appeared between the arrows and Inari, unleashing a powerful wind jutsu to act as a barrier between them and the boats.<br />
“Sakura, your turn,” Sasuke said.<br />
With a nod, Sakura ran out across the water and using her super-human strength, punched holes in every boat except one, causing them to sink, fast. She then leapt into the boat and the Ocean people turned their attention to her.<br />
“Give up. This is your only chance,” Sakura ordered them. Instead, they chose to draw their swords and charge her. She performed two hand signs and then struck each of her attackers with her palms. The people collapsed, unable to move and she just picked them all up and dumped them overboard.<br />
“Sakura, was the paralysis palm necessary?” Naruto asked, as he carried Inari onto the boat, followed by Sasuke.<br />
“No, but come on, it’s such a rush,” Sakura said. “Besides, honey, you love it when I play dirty.” With that she kissed her husband on the cheek. Naruto rolled his eyes at his wife and then smiled as he shook head.<br />
“Wow, you guys have gotten so strong,” Inari said after he plopped onto a seat on the boat. “When Kakashi, I mean, the Hokage said only one of ya’ll would have been sufficient for this mission, he wasn’t kidding.”<br />
“Nope,” Naruto said beaming. Sasuke took the rudder and they made their way towards the island where the majority of the Ocean ninja were.<br />
“Inari, when we get closer, we will go on ahead and make sure that it’s clear for you to get off the boat,” Sakura explained. “We need you to stay out here, hidden, until Naruto comes and gets you. All right?”<br />
“Gotcha, but Sakura,” Inari began.<br />
“Yes?”<br />
“Oh, nothing, never mind.”<br />
She looked at him confused but put it out of her mind and looked towards land. After a few minutes, Naruto and Sakura stood up and stepped out of the boat onto the water. Sasuke joined them at the front of the boat and with a quick nod to each other, they ran forward, so quickly, Inari thought he would drown from all the water they shot into the air that landed in the boat.

by gibbs_
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto