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the story of tobi. part 3
once again we return to the story of tobi. several years have passed since the incident with yuiko. the 5 lands are beginning to form and madara at the age of 13 has moved into the city of kohona.<br />
<br />
ancient kohona. one of the most powerful cities in the ninja world at the time. madara spends his days trying to find the secret of his origins but to no avail. his eyes are unheard of. finally he comes to the conclusion that money is his problem. with money he could buy the scrols that have informaition. we join him here.<br />
<br />
madara walked through the night a mask on his face. he could not reveal his eyes until the target came into sight. his target would be guarded of course being the richest man in the land of fire. but no matter the guards would be easy. he continued walking until he reached the assaintion point. he took his spot and waited. fifteen minutes later his target walked down the road with two guards tobi jumped down and took off his mask. no screams no resistance just immediate death. madara smiled and grabbed the mans key. his house wasnt hard to find since it was the biggest house in kohana. he decided that going through the window would be the best way to get in but it was locked. so he had no choice. he stuck the key in the lock and walked in, &quot;now if i was rich where would i keep my money&quot;. said madara. &quot;that is no concern of yours.&quot; said a voce behind madara. he turned around to find three men all with knives to his chest.<br />
<br />
part 4 coming soon. keep looking!!!

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto