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the story of tobi. part 4
tobi slowly turned around with his mask still on. &quot;why are you here!&quot; shouted one of the guards. &quot;That is no concern of yours.&quot; said madara, mimiking the guard. &quot;your coming with us.&quot; &quot;alright as you wish&quot;. the guards led him out of the house and into the town up to the town hall. there on the doorstep stood the 1st hokage. &quot;what has the brat done?&quot; said the hokage. &quot;attempted breaking and entering&quot; said the guards. &quot;very well, he will serve twelve months.&quot; madara decided he would have to act now. he turned around and took off his mask and the guards fell dead to the pavement. he turned around to face the hokage but it was to late he was gone. leaf ninjas started to chase madara but he would simply look at them and they would die. finally the leaf ninjas knew it was no use, they backed off. &quot;wait, i know you!&quot; shouted a voice. carefull not to look the shouter in the eye he turned around and saw...yuiko.<br />
<br />
next time!!! madara learns the secrets of past!!!<br />
<br />
part 5 out soon!!!

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 518
Property: Naruto