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the story of tobi. part 5
yuiko. madara was in shock. he could not believe that yuiko was here of all places. &quot;oh so you know this boy&quot;? said the hokage. &quot;well then.&quot; &quot;Fire ball justsu&quot;! a ball of flame shot from the hokage&#039;s hands engulfing yuiko completely. there was no way he was alive.<br />
<br />
something rose up in madara. a anger so intense he could hardly control it. he saw a red spirt coming out of his mouth and everything went black.<br />
<br />
&quot;madara...madara&quot; madara opened his eyes and saw his mother standing above him. &quot;madara wake up&quot;. &quot;i am up mother&quot; said madara. &quot;mother am i... dead?&quot; &quot;no dear said his mother, not yet.&quot; &quot;mother who am i?&quot; said madara. &quot;you are many things madara&quot; but the most important is that you are the first bearer of the sharingan.&quot; What is the sharingan mother?&quot; &quot;madara you are a direct desendent of the first ninja, he bore the rinnegan and all style of jutsu known to us today.&quot; madara was speachless. &quot;madara as your mother i can grant you one gift what is it you want?&quot; &quot;i..i want to avenge you!&quot; shouted madara. &quot;i want to be immortal!&quot; &quot;madara i must grant you this wish but i do not approve of this it is unatural in the balance of life. &quot;i dont care!&quot; shouted madara. &quot;i want to destroy the hokage and this cursed land of fire!&quot; &quot;this land has taken the life of the only people i ever loved!&quot; &quot;I HATE IT&quot;! &quot;very well&quot; said madara&#039;s mother. &quot;i must grant this wish.&quot; &quot;but there is one thing i must tell you.&quot; &quot;the night when you were born and the men came and killed me... well they weren&#039;t hardly men but bearers of the fox spirt.&quot; &quot;then when your eyes killed them the fox spirt saw your power and put itself into you.&quot; &quot;madara i beg of you please control this spirt&quot;. &quot;i will mother, i will.&quot; &quot;very well&quot;. and everything went black again.

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 638
Property: Naruto