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Naruto's shocking mission. 4
Naruto: Shino what ar...<br />
The chuuin girl was in front of Naruto.<br />
Chuuin girl: I got this.<br />
Naruto: Wait he&#039;s uh...<br />
Suddenly Shino and the girl are at face to face!<br />
Chuuin girl: Its been awhile.<br />
Shino: ....<br />
Now they are doing some kind of stare contest.<br />
Chuuin girl: Ah I can&#039;t stand it anymore!<br />
Then she tackled him!<br />
Naruto: Oh crap!<br />
Naruto about to help Shino!<br />
Tsuchikage:Wait hold on.<br />
Naruto: huh?<br />
Suddenly he looks.<br />
Naruto: What the!!!<br />
Chuuin girl: How&#039;s my Shino doing.<br />
Shino: man...

by bo1
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 551
Property: Naruto