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the story of tobi. part 6
we join madara several years after the unfortunate incident with the hokage. he has moved out of kohona and back into the wild. he is now 20 and is married to a woman named saki.<br />
<br />
madara watched as his wife squirmed and trashed in the makeshift bed. it killed madara to watch her go through this pain, but he wanted a succcesor. he wanted a clan. his son one undoubtly have eyes like his since the trait was so strong in his blood. madara thought about the other pain his wife would go through. the pain of growing old. madara would be forever immortal at twenty years old, yet his wife would grow old and eventully die. even now she was four years older then he was. he hoped the time when she would die would not come for a long time. finally it happened. the baby came out of saki&#039;s stomach. madara was immedietly by her side holding the baby. the first thing he looked at was the eyes. the baby&#039;s eyes were closed so he gently opened them. this is when it happened. the birth of the legendary uchicha clan. the baby&#039;s eyes were like madara&#039;s.

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
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