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the story of tobi. part 7
madara watches his clan as decades and centuries go by. kohona has a deep distrust of the uchica clan because of what madara did the the first hokage years and years ago. and what he is about to do.<br />
<br />
madara stood atop the cliff looking down on all of kohona. lightning craked and lit up the smile on his face. &quot;time to begin&quot;. said madara. he knelt on the cliff and began to think about his mother and yuiko and how the acrussed land of kohona had taken their lives. he thought about the generations and generations of uchica clan members that were deeply distrusted all becasue of the fox. he thought about the mocking words young uchica clan memebers had to put up with at ninja school &quot;friends of the fox, friends of the fox.&quot; &quot;IT WAS ALL KOHONAS FALUT!&quot; yelled madara. and it happened. the fox rose out of him and spead towards kohona. he watched as it ripped apart the meager defences kohona had put up. and he watched the fox&#039;s defeat. &quot;NO!&quot; yelled madara. &quot;THIS CANT HAPPEN!&quot; but it did. madara uchica&#039;s master plan had failed.

by element1453
Written: 5 years ago
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