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Kakashi's Miracle chapter 2
Four months passed since Kakashi first left Konoha. “Still no word from Kakashi or the others?” asked Tsunade to her right hand gal Shizune. “No Lady Tsunade” sighed Shizune. All of a sudden, a gray pigeon flew into the office from the open window and landed on the desk in front of the Hokage. The pigeon had a small scroll sealed to its leg and Lady Tsunade opened it. The scroll unraveled revealing terrible news. “Lady Tsunade, I’m very sorry to tell you this but we are having some trouble infiltrating the enemy’s territory. The two jounin you sent along with Yamato and I, have passed on and were blown up in an explosion in the enemy’s territory. Yamato and I will follow your orders and complete this mission. Sincerely Kakashi Hatake.”. “That’s terrible! Shouldn’t we send reinforcements right away?” asked Shizune. “No! They aren’t dead yet and besides has Kakashi ever let me down?” smiled Lady Tsunade. “No, I guess you are right, but Lady Tsunade I feel like we are forgetting something.” thought Shizune. Then they both thought for a second, and then they looked t each other. “Oh yeah! I totally forgot!” laughed Tsunade. “Where do you think she would be? Lady Tsunade?” asked Shizune. “Quiet! I’m trying to think of where she might be!” shouted Lady Tsunade. Shizune tried again, “Maybe we should try the dumpling shop? I heard that she goes there often.”. “Hey, maybe we should try the dumpling shop. I heard that she goes there often.” repeated Lady Tsunade. Shizune rolled her eyes and thought, “Ahh….I just said that.” “Shizune go to the dumpling shop, get me some dumplings, find Anko and hurry…..NOW!” screamed Lady Tsunade. “Okay, okay (sheesh!). Come on Ton-Ton let’s go.” she sighed. “Oink! Oink!” squealed the pig.

by shikamarugal22
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 377
Property: Naruto