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Naruto-Second Time Jump Chapter 4
“Sasuke, is this an illusion?” Naruto asked. Sasuke replied that they weren’t. “Man, this is weird.”<br />
Naruto summoned two large battle toads to even up the sides. With a quick glance, Sasuke saw that the Sannin now had all 5 chakra elements on their side, so with a smirk, he held his sword up in front of him and began building his chakra. Naruto then summoned a clone of himself, which had been building up sage energy. Then, the clone disappeared and Naruto entered his Toad Mode. At the same time, Sakura had performed several hand signs and a giant water wall engulfed the fire warrior.<br />
“You’re mine,” the earth being said, as it charged at Sakura, but as he began to move, Sasuke appeared right in front of him and slashed him clean in two, with his lightning chakra-infused sword.<br />
The next person to move was the wind fighter who leapt high into the sky and prepared to shoot a slicing wind at Sasuke, thinking he would be able to defeat Sasuke’s lightning. He was to be disappointed because one of the toads, Gamakichi actually, jumped into the sky right behind the wind fighter, and incinerated him with an extremely powerful fire style ninjutsu.<br />
Two elementals remained: lightning and water. The second toad created a cube out of rock and trapped the water elemental. As the lightning ninja bolted towards his last comrade, Naruto threw his Rasen-Shuriken that he had been building at the last of the five elementals, who was shredded at the molecular level instantly.<br />
“They weren’t that strong actually,” Sakura said. “The fire guy didn’t even bother to try and dodge my attack.”<br />
“Those guys were like when you and I fought Itachi’s double all those years ago, when we tried to rescue Gaara,” Naruto explained. “The real ones could be anywhere.”<br />
“Are you sure?” Sakura asked.<br />
Naruto nodded and pointed, and as Sakura turned her head, she saw that there five regular Ocean ninja where the elementals had once stood.<br />
“I have a feeling this going to go from bad to extremely difficult, even for us,” Sasuke said as he sheathed his sword and turned to walk back to the other two, who nodded in agreement. The two toads disappeared, and as soon as Sasuke was with arm’s reach of both of the others, the ground opened up and the Sannin fell into the pitch blackness.<br />
Meanwhile, back on the ship, Inari waited for the Sannin to disappear, and once that happened, blew on a special whistle, and the five elemental beings appeared, and they all laughed at what had happened to Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

by gibbs_
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 553
Property: Naruto