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Naruto-Second Time Jump-Chapter 5
“You have done well, Inari,” one of the elementals said. “Now we can proceed with making the Wave Country a powerful Shinobi nation.”<br />
“Yeah,” Inari said, “this is going to be…”<br />
Inari was cut short when the boat was suddenly lifted into the air.<br />
“What’s going on?” the earth elemental asked.<br />
“We are,” Naruto’s voice answered.<br />
“Now that you guys have come on out, we can really fight,” Sasuke said.<br />
The Sannin landed in the boat, and they were looking rather smug.<br />
“But how?” Inari asked, “Ya’ll fell into the trap.”<br />
“We knew it was a trap as soon as you requested all three of us. Even though you were told again and again that only one of us would have done the job of getting rid of the Ocean Ninja,” Sakura replied.<br />
“Then why didn’t ya’ll stop me in the Leaf Village?”<br />
“Because,” Naruto said, “we knew you were just a small piece of the puzzle. We had heard that the Ocean Ninja were mobilizing, but they only wage war with the Water Country. So, we wanted to see who was pulling your strings.”<br />
“Don’t think you can sneak around behind me,” Sasuke said, and the wind warrior froze in his tracks.<br />
“How did you know?” he asked.<br />
“Your invisibility is nothing before my Sharingan. I can see clear as day.”<br />
“So, boys,” Sakura said. “You’re all going down.”<br />
“Oh yeah?” the water one asked.<br />
“Oh yeah.”<br />
The five elementals leapt off the boat and started running towards the shore, with Sasuke and Naruto chasing after them.<br />
“Stay with Inari, Sakura,” Naruto called back. “Sasuke, you take the wind and earth guys, and I’ll take the rest. Got it?”<br />
Sasuke nodded, because he was particularly angry at the wind warrior for trying to sneak attack him, and thinking he could get away with it. With a grin, the two of them split to the sides and ran to attack the elementals from their flanks.<br />
Back on the ship, Inari sat on a seat, watching the fight that was getting ready to take place. However, he was not to get to enjoy it because Sakura placed him in a genjutsu to figure out why he had joined with the Ocean Ninja. As she entered his mind, she found it full of sorrow and sadness.<br />
“Oh my,” she said to herself. “I should have had Ino take a look at him before we left the village. This is not going to be easy to sort through all of this.”

by gibbs_
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 591
Property: Naruto