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naruto's family!?!
Sakura: hey naruto! ... NARUTO!!! *pounds on door*<br />
Naruto: ok ok ok don&#039;t break my door! What do u want this early in the morning? Its 3!!!<br />
Sakura: tsunade summoned u, I&#039;m not sure what for but it must be important...<br />
Naruto: fine let&#039;s go!<br />
~~~<br />
Tsunade: come in.<br />
Naruto: what is it granny tsunade??? It late and I need sleep for my mission!<br />
*naruto notices a new face he&#039;s never seen sitting in a chair in the room*<br />
Naruto: who are you???<br />
Tsunade: he&#039;s why I summoned u...<br />
Naruto: well who is he???<br />
???: I&#039;m kiya vukaru<br />
Naruto: well what about you?<br />
Kiya: I&#039;m your cousin, I&#039;m kushina uzumaki&#039;s newphew.<br />
<br />
-to be continued-

by treekid
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 685
Property: Naruto