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under the twilight skies
Hahaha! That’s so funny” says naruto&quot;man jiraiya you’re a perv.hahaha!&quot;<br />
&quot;I told you its research” says jiraiya<br />
&quot;ya whatever purvey sage, hahaha!&quot;Says naruto while laughing<br />
jiraiya punches naruto in the mouth and naruto goes flying a mile away.<br />
&quot;I worn you kid, who&#039;s laughing now, hey we have a mission maybe after<br />
we can do more,more research &quot; says jiraiya<br />
<br />
NO! I need all the time I can get to get saskue back! Yells naruto.<br />
&quot;Listen, ill teach you a jutsu so powerful you’ll knock saskue in one blow!” says jiraiya waving his hands like crazy.<br />
&quot;really then sakura will love me and I&#039;ll become hokage&quot; says naruto sobering<br />
<br />
&quot;get off me, meet me at the gate in a hour, get ready we&#039;ll be gone for a couple of weeks. And I have surprise&quot;<br />
1 hour later...<br />
<br />
&quot;hey naruto what are you doing here?” says shikamaru<br />
&quot;waiting for jiraiya, what are you doing here.” Say’s naruto<br />
&quot;jiraiya asked me to come for a mission, he said its important” saying shika<br />
&quot;what! Jiraiya said he said he’s going to teach me a killer jutsu, and go on a mission. Why he taking you&quot;<br />
&quot;hey there’s jiraiya now” say’s shika<br />
&quot;hey kids what you doing?&quot; saying jiraiya<br />
&quot;waiting” says shika<br />
&quot;why are you inviting brainiact here. I thought the mission was for you and me&quot;<br />
&quot;listen kid this is an s ranked mission, meaning the hardest of all missions. We have to go to the land of lighting, to a small village. Where a palace has taken over. We have to go and find out why are they there and if that bad wipe them out. They made the locals slaves and making them do some weird jobs.<br />
Step 1: travel there, and make a fighting force.<br />
step 2: find out what there doing<br />
step 3: free the locals<br />
and step 4: wipe them out<br />
any questions good let’s go!&quot;<br />
&quot;what a drag, I should have said no. but my dad talked me into it for all the money.” says shika<br />
&quot;oh one more thing the man who hired us saided there be high ranked ninjas trying to kill us. But doesn’t worry just be on your guard, and I’ll protect you with my life!&quot;<br />
&quot;Oh man, what a drag” saying shika<br />
they here some noise ahead<br />
&quot;what’s that, I’ll protect you! Shadow clone jutsu! Yelling naruto<br />
they all 5 of them jump and throw paper bombs<br />
a explosion, and smoke rises the air<br />
<br />
Soon the smoke go&#039;s away and naruto sees that his bomb just went above a<br />
red fox. It lost its legs and some of its fur.<br />
&quot;NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!&quot;Screams naruto he ran over where the fox<br />
was and started crying. Then all his clones’ disapered.Shikamaru starts thinking &quot;Don&#039;t red foxes live by the nara clan?” He say’s” It probably got lost or ran away,stupid fox.&quot;<br />
<br />
&quot;Maybe not” saying jiraiya.<br />
Then more noises, and suddenly thousands of kunia knife&#039;s come out of now where in every direction.<br />
&quot;Kids watch out!!!!&quot;jiraiya jumps catch’s them seen them to the ground shielding them in only a few seconds about a hundred kunia knife&#039;s on his back.

by jprock
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 592
Property: Naruto