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family part 2
Naruto: !!! You&#039;re my cousin??? How come... But why didn&#039;t...<br />
Sakura: naruto are you ok?<br />
*kakashi and sai walk in.*<br />
Kakashi: we&#039;ll need to let him be for a while... This is the first contact with any family in his whole life that he remembers.<br />
Tsunade: sai will you take naruto home?<br />
Sai: ye-<br />
Kiya: let me do it... I feel bad for all of this and I wanted to talk to him myself...<br />
Tsunade: fine you know you are to report back tomorrow.<br />
Kiya: yes milady<br />
*kiya helps naruto up* come on you will need to show me where you live...<br />
Naruto:...kay...<br />
*kiya shuts the door*<br />
Tsunade: as of your next mission kiya will be joining team kakashi, along with yamato. While kiya is here he will be on your team. He isn&#039;t a registered ninja but depending on how the mission goes he may become a leaf ninja and a liason between konoha and the whirlpool country. Understood?<br />
Team kakashi: yes<br />
Tsunade: report back here tomorrow for your mission.<br />
~To be continued in naruto&#039;s talk~

by treekid
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 601
Property: Naruto