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Moonlight Cronicles
Moonlight Cronicles the Movie 1:The Beggining<br />
Part 1<br />
<br />
Toshiro:Michiru wake up!Your first day of bieng a team leader starts today!<br />
Rukia:Sweety wake up.Today you meet your teamates that they set you up with.<br />
Kosuke:(trows water at him)<br />
Michiru:Ah!!Why&#039;d you do that?!<br />
Kosuke:To wake you up.Today is very important.<br />
Michiru:You&#039;re right bro.I can&#039;t be late.(gets dressed)Bye mom bye dad(gone)<br />
Toshiro:Well we&#039;d best get going now then.<br />
Kosuke &amp; Rukia:Yes<br />
In a field with a pond<br />
Michiru:I&#039;m here!<br />
Hibiki:And who are you?<br />
Haku:My best friend(hugs Michiru)<br />
Michiru:Hey Haku<br />
Kagetora:Shut up.Just sit down.We&#039;re waiting for our leader so join the club.<br />
Michiru:I am your leader.<br />
Yukita:You&#039;re kidding?!<br />
Michiru:No I really am your leader.Why do you ask so suprised?<br />
Kagetora:You&#039;re the worst fighter in the whole Demon World.<br />
Akane:Yeah and specially a half-demon.<br />
Michiru:I&#039;m the leader cause I got the highest test scores in the Demon World.<br />
Hibiki:Don&#039;t brag about it and what&#039;s so good about that if you can&#039;t fight.You&#039;re useless.I&#039;m outta here.<br />
Yukita:Me too.<br />
Shinsuke:You&#039;re not going anywhere.This is your leader and all of you are gonna follow his leadership and obey.I put you all together because of each of your unique Kekkei Genkai&#039;s and abilities.This team is the most put together team in the whole Demon World.And about your leader,he will improve and work on his powers and abilities.Now get to your assigned mission now!!<br />
All:Yes sir!<br />
Meanwhile in Moonlight Castle<br />
Messenger:M&#039;lord the rouges from every region of the Demon World have declared official war against us.<br />
Toshiro:Put me in contact with the King of Dragons.<br />
Tec.Guy#1:Imediatly M&#039;lord.(trying to contact him on the master computer)<br />
Rukia:Honey seems we got a serious decision on our hands.<br />
Tec.Guy#2:We&#039;re through.<br />
Bumpei:yes Lord Toshiro.How can this loyal servant help you?<br />
Toshiro:No need for formalities Bumpei.I wanna talk to you about an urgent matter that concerns us all.<br />
Bumpei:Well what&#039;s this matter about?<br />
Toshiro:Rouges.The rouges from every region have declared war.All the Kings are in danger...specially me.But more important we need to protect all the people.Contact all the Kings of each region and tell them to send out every soldier and every team they can.We have a war on our hands.Send the message out imediatly.<br />
Bumpei:King Bumpei Kaneshiro over and out.<br />
Toshiro:(sighs)<br />
Rukia:What&#039;s wrong hun?<br />
Toshiro:We don&#039;t have enough soldiers here in Moonlight Ville to send to war...(long sigh)We&#039;ll have to count on the kids.<br />
<br />

by Mchiru_Miyake
Written: 5 years ago
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