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This Girl or That girl-part 2
**~At the Mall Foodcourt~**<br />
<br />
&quot;So uhh, ino.....whats up?&quot;Sai asked as he wrapped his arm around her. Ino giggled. Osaka just rolled her eyes. Her and sasuke were supposed to share a pizza, but nobody took a bite. Garra tried to flirt with Sakura, but she shot him down every time. And of course Naruto and Hinata were perfect. &quot; I&#039;ll walk you home Osaka.&quot; Sasuke grumbled lowly. (awww, sad! they no likey each other!) Sakura growled lowly to herself. &quot;Yea, hinata, its getting late, real late.And your dad scares me....&quot; naruto rambled. everyone else just muttered a responce. <br />
<br />
**~outside the mall, 8:30 pm~**<br />
<br />
Ino and sai were making out (duh......). Osaka and sasuke just got in his car and drove off. Hinata and naruto walked. And Garra and sakura got their own rides back (i HATE sakura&amp;garra together). <br />
<br />
**~Osaka&#039;s house~**<br />
<br />
&quot;crap, my parents arnt home, im locked out&quot; osaka grumbled. &quot;What about your brother and sister?&quot; sasuke asked, confused. &quot;With my parents i presume.&quot; she replied. Sasuke sighed. &quot;Im gunna call&quot;she said. A few minuites later, she hung up. She rolled her eyes. &quot;My parents just fought and its serious. My siblings are with my aunt. And nobody knows where the house keys are.&quot; she grumbled. Sasuke looked worried. Finnaly he sighed, &quot;You can stay with me&quot; he said lowly. &quot;No sasuke really...i....&quot; Then he pulled osaka into the car. They went to his house........

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 721
Property: Naruto