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the mission begins!
Tsunade: your mission is to track down and take out a rouge jonin from the village hidden in the waterfall.<br />
Naruto: how strong is he?<br />
Kakashi: strong enough to take out his own country if he wanted to.<br />
Naruto: wow! Well let&#039;s go!<br />
Tsunade: move out!<br />
~outside of konoha~<br />
Naruto: so kiya what kind of skills do u have?<br />
Kiya: you&#039;ll see<br />
Kakashi: he&#039;s just as strong as you are naruto...<br />
Naruto: I doubt it<br />
Kiya: don&#039;t underestimate me...<br />
Yamato: sshhh... Listen.<br />
Naruto: I don&quot;t hear it!<br />
Sakura: shut up!<br />
Sai: how is he doing that?<br />
Kakashi: well let&#039;s go and do this.<br />
Everyone: right!<br />
~staning next to a waterfall~<br />
???: so kakashi its been a while...<br />
Kakashi: so it has vukaru.<br />
Vukaru: well let&#039;s start this! Water style rising waterfall!<br />
Naruto: rasengan!<br />
Vukaru: you missed<br />
Kiya: fire style hell&#039;s judgement!<br />
*huge fireballs start falling toward vukaru*<br />
Naruto: whoa!<br />
Saskura: that&#039;s the strongest fire sytle move!<br />
Vukaru: water style flooding torrent!<br />
*a huge flood forms around vukaru*<br />
Kakashi: chidori!<br />
Yamato: earth style earth&#039;s pain!<br />
*a huge gorge formed*<br />
Naruto: rasen shuriken!<br />
Kiya: lighting sytle heaven&#039;s falling!<br />
*huge blasts of lightning strike everywhere*<br />
Sakura: sai help me get close!<br />
Sai: got it!<br />
Vukaru: you think that&#039;ll stop me?!?!?<br />
~to be continued in kiya&#039;s true power!~

by treekid
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 565
Property: Naruto