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True Friends part 1a
Mist filled the skys that were once bright with the summer sun that seemed to have shone all of time, never once disappearing behind a cloud. The ground was cracked and wrinkled where the sun&#039;s heat had evaporated all the moisture it once held so dearly. Plants withered in the heat, desperate for some water to touch their leaves. The countryside, once so green now was a a parched brown colour. <br />
<br />
The villagers all longed, like so many other organism for a drop of water to cool their burning bodies. <br />
“Its her, ever since she was born” a farmer whispered to his neighbour<br />
“Yes, I agree she is a bad omen that one, what shall we do?” the neighbour replied. <br />
Many villagers were thinking of the same thing ever since the newborn girl entered the world through the love that Kenchi and Takara once shared when the plains were filled of meadow flowers and ripening crops. <br />
<br />
Kenchi and Takara shared a love so strong that to protect their newborn had to abandon her and separate to fight in the ongoing third great ninja war that tore countries apart. Their skill and extra chakra was needed on the front line between the fight of Leaf and Rock. They left their home and child in the hands of the lord of the village, hoping that one day they would return to their little flower, Kohana. With a kiss on the forehead, Takara bent down, whispered in Kohana&#039;s ear <br />
“I&#039;ll be back for you soon my little flower”. Kohana watched in the arms of the lord, Kenchi and Takara walking towards the setting sun with a smile fit for a princess.

by orcamad
Written: 5 years ago
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