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Naruto's Transformation (a poem)
Cold, still air creeps round my face<br />
Needles pierce my skin<br />
Heat swells from the pit of my stomach<br />
My vision blurs and everything becomes so red<br />
Field of vision becomes narrower<br />
<br />
Something creeps over my mind<br />
As if to consume all thoughts that lay within it<br />
Love and Passion is crushed from inside<br />
Only hatred fills my mind.<br />
<br />
The fire begins to burn my skin <br />
Who I am, What I am <br />
I do not know<br />
My true self is lost to the red flames<br />
<br />
I lash out at anything that approaches me<br />
Not with a care in the world who it is <br />
Or even what it is<br />
<br />
A rush of cooling pierces my body<br />
The red flames that once took over my body<br />
All disappear as quickly as they arrived<br />
My vision returns to normal<br />
<br />
A sudden weakness fills my muscles<br />
I try to move yet I cannot<br />
I look up to see my sensei looking back<br />
With a half smile across his face<br />
I manage to smile back <br />
Before I sink into a deep sleep.

by orcamad
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 720
Property: Naruto