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.:Final Hour:. Chapter two
.:Final Hour:. ~Chapter Two~ <br />
<br />
Edward glances over to see Naruto stood in the clearing. “Gah!, About time!” He shouts. Edward claps his hands together and pulls them apart creating static between them, the sound is distinct like an electrical current. He brushes over his right hand and a blade rips through his glove, and sleeve. The figure looks up In surprise and leaps back.<br />
<br />
“I don’t know what kind of Jutsu that is kid but it wonk work” he snarled. “Kid… Heh I’m no ordinary kid. I’m the full metal alchemist” Edward smirks. “The full metal wah?” The figure states. “If it helps I didn’t know what it was either” Naruto explained. Edward trips in surprise to Naruto’s comment. <br />
<br />
“Enough of this rubbish the figure claims.” Within the few words stated black tentacles rip through the sleeves of the hooded figure. “You’re no match for my eki-taki (liquid death) style!”. Naruto braces himself and draws a kunai. The tentacle travels at extreme speed through the air towards Edward. “nyah!” Naruto hurls a kunai straight into the tentacle. “Heh… easy” he poo poo’d.The kunai pierced into the tentacle absorbs in only to appear at the tip. “Shit!” Edward exhales.<br />
<br />
The tentacle travels quickly to Edward’s chest only to by sliced by his blade. “So that’s it huh? So much for your unbeatable crappy tacky rubbish!” He smirks. “That almost got me…” Edward thinks to himself. The tentacle hits the ground and the kunai seeps out. The hooded figure looks up anf grins. “Heheheh… welcome to the end”

by Kaaru1990
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 534
Property: Naruto