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.:Final Hour:. Chapter three
.:Final Hour:. ~Chapter Three~<br />
<br />
The hooded figure steadily runs towards Edward. Naruto makes hand seals “Shadow clone Juts-“ An array of tentacles smash into Naruto’s chest and wrap around him. The hooded figure still running towards Edward raises his other hand and once more tentacles come pouring out. Edward grits his teeth and runs towards him. “You son of bitch!” he yells as he jumps into the air ready with his armed blade. The tentacles rush towards Edward all in a pattern of their own. “I can’t follow them” he thinks. The first one attempt to pierce his chest once again only to be sliced by Edwards blade. The second wraps around his right arm and constricts and the thirds travels towards his forehead. “Crap” Edward flips his head back and lands on his feet.<br />
<br />
“Damn these things are annoying!” He mutters. “Feel the pain as I crush your bones to dust” the villain snarls. “ARGHHHAAH” Naruto weeps. Edward stands there smirking. “This pain you don’t feel it?” The hooded figure asks. “They don’t call me full metal for nothing” Edward replies. He flips as his arm cuts the tentacle that binds it. “Here we go!” He shouts. Edward claps his hands and places them on the ground, as he does the ground begins to rumble as to needles of rock piece out of the ground and through the tentacles that bind Naruto.<br />
<br />
Naruto falls to the ground breathing heavily. “T-thanks he stammers.”.the hooded figure looks at the needles made of rock and glances back to look at Edward only to find he is but an inch away from him. “Take this!!” He shouts. Edward plunges his armed blade into the villains stomach, Black ooze spills everywhere all over the surrounding floor.<br />
<br />
“Arugh…” The hooded figure screams. Edward starts to take out the blade only to find that its wedged. “What the heck!?”He shouts. The hooded figure looks up at him and smiles. “Gotcha”. The ooze all over the floor rises up and constricts around Edward, completely binding his body. Edward screams with pain. “So much for Full Metal aye?” he smirks. <br />
<br />
“Hey octopunk!!” Naruto shouts. “Forgetting someone?” The villain turns to see two Naruto’s running towards him holding a blue aura sphere between them. “RASENGAN!”

by Kaaru1990
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 510
Property: Naruto