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Naruto Ninja Rouges Ep.2 A rivaled meeting
The black suited ninja leaped from tree to tree.His speed picked up faster than before.He must be in a hurry, seeing nothing but vines and branches, all he knew was where he was trying to go.Old memories of his great friend and leader nagato mishaped his mind."No i cannot think of this here.If iam distracted I will surely be killed" he thought.A huge light sat at the end of his destination.In a great hop he flew out in the light.A green open field was nothing but a gaze in front of his eyes.Someone was near.Someone that he stopped for.This person seemed to be following him for a while,with the ninja just finding out.He unravled his mask to greet the enemy or foe.Straight long hair ran on his head.Then a cut of a very sharp blade scarred his left eye.This ninja appeared to be preapring for battle the way he dropped his ninja robes.The person came in a appearance as a shadow.The shadow slid up rite in front of him.It came into a form of a boy with spiked black hair.His clothes were white as snow.Eyes pure black when he opened them.Nothing walked with him on his feet when he came to the rouge ninja.This one also is a rouge of the hidden sand village.The headband was worn as a belt on his waist "ah rikora, I see you made it here before the four of us did.You were always the clever one" he spoke softly."Sirtuo my rival and best friend.What do you mean us four i dont see sensei dokko or kira" said rikora."Hmmm" sirtuo looked around "I guess I beat them to the punch".Rikora tighten his fist "you wont get this jutsu from me,because I have big plans for it".Sirtuo looked away "hmmm indeed but i was trying to do this without violence huh guess ill have to kill you now".Rikora unsheithed a kunai "over my dead body".Sirtuo entered a battle stance "thats the plan".

by Vony15
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 499
Property: Naruto