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The Hokage's Daughter ch. 1
It was a bright and sunny day in Konoha.The birds were sing ing the air was sweet and there hasn&#039;t been any crime for 6 months.<br />
<br />
Kikimaro:&quot; Oh my goodness, this is awesome.Thanks serina&quot;<br />
<br />
Serina:&quot;Your welcome sis.&quot;<br />
<br />
But the unsupecting people of the paecful village were in for a big surprise.There was a new girl in Konoha,and her name was Kikimaro.She had just moved into the village.<br />
Kikimaro was 14 years old,she was well respected in America for her police works.She was part of a special agentcy called the I.M.F.,the Impossibe Missions Force.They do things normal cops shove at the back of thier minds.She was a really good fighter,she was trained by her sister Serina.Serina was also known as Sailormoon.But what not even Serina knew was that her little sister was a sayian from the planet Vegeta-sei.Kikimaro had friends such as Princess Daise,Princess Michele,and Princess Jade.They had made her princess of the Mushroom Kingdom-after thier beloved freind Princess Peaches died of a bullet to the head.They call her Peaches because she looks just like Peach.Kiki was 5&#039;7.She always wore black Converse boots with black skinny jeans,a black shirt,and a black leather jacket,but today she decided to wear the outfit in pink.They walked up to the Ichiraku ramen shop and took a seat on the stools.<br />
Konohamaru:&quot;Let me go you bully&quot;<br />
Kankurou:&quot;Not until you pay for bumping into me&quot;<br />
Peach turned around and saw a little boy being held 6 feet of the ground by a guy in purple.She stood up and grabed a rock,and threw it as hard as she could.It hit the boy in the hand ,he dropped the kid.<br />
Kankurou:&quot;Who did that&quot; <br />
Kikimaro&quot;I did&quot;<br />
Kankurou:&quot;you&#039;re gonna pay for that&quot;<br />
Kikimaro didn&#039;t flinch at all,she was not intemidated,she just stood there.He got his puppet ready to attack.<br />
Gaara:&quot;Stop it,thats enough&quot;<br />
Peach looked around POOF Gaara apeared right in front of her.He turned to her.<br />
Gaara:&quot;Sorry about that&quot;<br />
They all disapeared in a cloud of smoke.Kikimaro couldn&#039;t do anything but stand there,than out of the blue,she fainted.

by Konoha-Princess
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,152
Property: Naruto