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Naruto Legends Chapter 21: R.I.P Madara Uchiha
R.I.P - Madara Uchiha.<br />
<br />
Madara never had any parents all he had was a brother...but even he was sacrificed for Madara...after betraying all and killing the first and second Hokage&#039;s...Madara created the Akatsuki but soon left...later on Madara came back as Tobi and him and the Akatsuki stole all eight tails and then going after the nine tails he soon realized that Minato has destroyed it...So Madara could not create the Juubi...to get his revenge he seeked out Naruto but Sasuke got in the way seeking Vengeance and got his eyes taken out and too this day Sasuke is still blind.......<br />
Madara found Naruto and they fought in the valley of the end...and there he learned the meaning of life...thanks to Naruto..Madara was happy........and their he died.

by sidon12
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,327
Property: Naruto