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The second coming
Chapter 1:<br />
One after the other feet hit the pavement speeding to his destination: Ichiraku Ramen Shop. <br />
“Dad, can I please have some today, its been ages since we’ve eaten here.” says the boy<br />
“Naruki, we have things to do.” Sakura replied, “Your father is a busy man.”<br />
“Awww, but… mom! We’re right here!” Naruki exclaimed<br />
“Sakura-chan! Let the boy eat…Besides its his first day he should get a treat” said the father<br />
“Naruto, I just made ramen for breakfast, I swear with you two it’s like feeding a garbage disposal!”<br />
It was the first day for the Genin to begin their training and for Uzamaki Naruki it had seemed he had been waiting all his life. Red haired and blue eyed, he carried a outlook of the world much like his father the 6th Hokage of Konoha. He thought to himself: What would be his first Jutsu…. The rasengan!<br />
“Dad, Am I gonna learn the Rasengan?”<br />
“…Maybe?”<br />
“Naruto-kun, don’t fill his head with that nonsense!” Sakura yelled. “ Next thing you know he will be wanting to be Hokage like a certain someone I know used to do.”<br />
“I will be Hokage mama, and ill get there faster than dad ever did.”<br />
“Now lets not get ahead of ourselves Naruki, your gonna need my help to get as good as Naruto”<br />
“Sorry Shikamaru-sensei, I just cant wait to be the next Hokage like dad” Naruki sighed<br />
“No bother, now hurry on to class I have some things to discuss with Naruto-sama.” As Naruki heads for the school Shikamaru shouts “Oh and if you see Asuya make sure he arrives on time as well. I’ll be with the class shortly.”<br />
After a short pause Sakura decides to break the silence.<br />
“What is it Shika?” she asks<br />
“Danzou.”<br />
“Danzou?!” Naruto and Sakura cry out at the same time. “He is back?” Naruto whispers <br />
“Yes sir.” Shikamaru replies<br />
“I know it has been 10 years since his last attempt to take over Konoha from Tsunade-sama but I didn’t think he would try anything so soon.” said Naruto.<br />
“If you ask me I think it is all very bothersome.” Shikamaru stated<br />
“Well, where did you hear this from?” Sakura butted in<br />
“Sasuke. He and the rest of his ANBU squad spotted some spies outside the village. We were able to capture one but she is not talking, as usual. <br />
“Bring Sasuke to Headquarters for a debriefing.”

by Emkay87
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 217
Property: Naruto