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Akatsuki in my life Chapter 2
I went over and woke up all of my friends (I did type how I woke them up in the last chapter, but went over the character limit, so forget it.). The only ones that really freaked out were Becca and Katy, the others were suprisingly calm. I went and fixed breakfast, and afterwards, we introduced ourselfs. After that, Tori, Lilly, and I went to the store, bought about 100 5-packs of beer, and stored it in the basement. We decided that next Friday, we're gonna get drunk again. "So, now what?" Sasori asked. "I guess we should find you guys some rooms." 'I know, I'll put them each on the same floor as the girl who loves them.' After assigning rooms, we went to ground rules. "Ok, lets see. Sasori, no killing people to make puppets, they have to be dead first. Deidara, no blowing random crap or people up. Tobi, don't give any death hugs to random people. Hidan, no sacrificing random people. Kakuzu, no bounties in this town, it's illegal. Itachi, no doing the Sharingan to random people. Kisame, no doing water justu stuff, we don't need a flood here. Zetsu, no eating people, unless they're already dead, but do where people can't see you. Pein, no changing the weather." They really didn't care about that much. "But you can do whatever it the next town that's 1 mile away from here." They were kinda excited at that, but not much. After that, nothing really happened. Until we heard a crash...

by Hidan-san777
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 537
Property: Naruto