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When Choji is on a Diet...
As everyone knows, Choji celebrates victory with a bag of chips. One day untold to the world, Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino, and Kakashi tried to put him on a diet. Naruto sparred with him, lost(on purpose) and Choji pulled out the chips. Kakashi used his special *Headhunter Jutsu* and they had an intervention.<br />
Since it went on for 9 hours, no quotes will be shown. After Lee pulled him out of the ground, (Lee? Where&#039;d he come from?) it sunk into Choji&#039;s brain that he was on a diet.<br />
Everyone backed away slowly, and Choji went on a rampage. Bodies went flying all over Konoha. The village was being destroyed by a human boulder. Tsunade rose to try to quell this childish chaos, but the might of her fist matched Choji&#039;s. The village could only be saved by food.<br />
Umm... I would finish this, but Choji is about to roll over me, soooooo.......... yeah..........

by choji317
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 825
Property: Naruto