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Gaara's Little Brother Part 1
My name is aXel I am a 13 years old, I am a member of Akatsuki, my choice of weapon is sand I keep it in a black with red clouds gourd, I have black hair(like gaaras), and I also have a spear to fight with.<br />
-Akatsuki Hideout-<br />
Leader: Everyone we have a new member of Akatsuki, this is aXel.<br />
Deidara: Sup newbie, the name is deidara, hm<br />
Sasori: Great like we need another member. Anyways I am sasori.<br />
Hidan: Sup B*tch, Hidan is my name, dont F*ckin say alot<br />
Kakuzu: You got money I mean i&#039;m Kakuzu<br />
Tobi: Hiya we can be friends becaause I am a good boy.<br />
aXel: sup, when is lunch?<br />
Deidara: This kid has got sparks, cool come on we can go get somethin to eat hm.<br />
aXel: cool, lets get ramen<br />
Tobi: wait for me!<br />
Leader: o.....k.... where is itachi, kisame, and zetsu?<br />
Sasori: idk<br />
Hidan: idfk<br />
Kakuzu: if you pay me i&#039;ll find them<br />
-TO be Continued-

by DesertGaara55
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 701
Property: Naruto