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Curse Mark 3 -E01-
-Episode 1-<br />
It&#039;s been 6 Months since Sasuke Left Konoha to Join orochimaru,On a random day in Ororchimaru&#039;s Hide-Out Sasuke decides to Be the first to Attempt Curse Mark 3 While orochimaru is Drooling on sasukes Body As Sasuke Powers up Almost turning INTO CM3 Comes Kabuto and Distracts The training of Sasuke,To have a Duel with Sasuke,Kabuto&#039;s hands start Glowing and kabut Charges to sasuke,Sasukes Sharingan Awakens!<br />
-<br />
To be Continued<br />
<br />
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Written: 4 years ago
Views: 601
Property: Naruto