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Curse Mark 3 -E02-
Previous EP: Sasuke trys to Reach CM3 But Kabuto Distracts him and Both will have a duel.<br />
--<br />
Sasukes Sharingan reaches Power 3 and as Sasuke gets his Sword,Kabuto Passes sasuke in Slow-motion and they both turn back to each other,Kabuto smiles and sasuke Looks Curious Kabuto Opens his hands as Chakra is Pouring out of his Hands It turns out that While Kabuto passed Sasuke he grabed 50% of Sasukes Chakra..<br />
Sasuke Falls to his knees as Blood is pouring out of his Mouth,Sasuke Smiles And turns on His curse Mark then goes to CM2 Instantly with his Sharingan,Kabuto shakes as he is saying &quot;But how i&#039;ve gotten half of your chakra you dont have enough for all that!&quot; And sasuke Teleports Behind Kabuto putting the sword around its Neck...<br />
-<br />
To be Continued<br />
<br />
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Written: 4 years ago
Views: 587
Property: Naruto