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Dead Man Walking
Naruto took a walk around Konoha to see the beautiful dawn sky. The air was chilly and the grass was crisp and wet with morning dew. There weren’t any sounds except for small winds or a bird chirping and everything was calm since the village destruction. Naruto looked down at the village from Hokage Mountain, he felt a dull pain in his chest; a feeling of love for his home. The purples in the sky changed to orange, pink, then to the usual baby blue; throughout the small period of time.<br />
After his walk, Naruto went down to Jiriyah’s grave and sat next to it. He checked to make sure no one was around. Then he began to whisper, “I finally have all of Konoha’s respect but you’re not here to see it. You didn’t deserve death, Jiriyah. Why do the closest people to me die? I need to leave here; I hope you’ll understand if I’m not here to visit you anymore. I need to get active and away from Konoha before it gets destructed beyond repair. I’ll miss you, Jiriyah…”<br />
“Good morning, Naruto. How is Jiriyah doing this morning?” Naruto watched as Sakura set a red flower on his stone; she sat down beside Naruto and stared at his sad eyes. “Fine,” Naruto whispered painfully. He pushed off the ground, not taking his eyes off the green emeralds. “Don’t leave, Naruto.” She blushed and turned away from him. “You think I don’t understand what your plans are? You can’t leave Konoha and you can’t leave Tsunade and you can’t leave me. Don’t you understand you fool,”<br />
“Sakura, it’s you who doesn’t understand. With me here… I’m just bait for the Akatsuki and everyone else who wants to kill me. That’s a long line Sakura, and they have no problem killing everyone in their path and everyone I care about. That includes you... When Tsunade wakes up from the coma tell her I’m sorry.” Naruto turned and began walking toward his apartment, where he had limited time to pack essentials. <br />
Ino unlocked the flower shop door and switched the sign to open. Sakura walked in just as Ino was on her way to the counter. “Sakura what’s wrong?”<br />
“I’m letting him walk away,” Sakura shook gently. Ino knew what she was talking about and as she tried to console Sakura no words came out. Ino took Sakura’s hand and pulled her to the nearest chair; “We should stop him.”<br />
“Ino, I wish we could. But… maybe this is what he needs. I don’t know why I’m letting the fool do this. The Sixth will label him a missing Nin and he’ll be killed on orders of the 6th.” Sakura paused as if thinking something over and then she spoke again, “There is something I have to tell you, Ino.”<br />
“Go ahead, sweetie.”<br />
“Well on that last mission I was on; I found something. It was one of the assassination books; I’m not supposed to say anything, but…”<br />
“What’s the problem?”<br />
“Naruto is on the list. He’s the number 1.”

by LtPerkinsUSMC
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 583
Property: Naruto