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Curse Mark 3 -E04-
Last time:Sasuke Kils Kabuto and goes Along with orochimaru.<br />
-Now:-<br />
Orochimaru Takes Sasuke to a Room with 9999&#039;99 Opponents and there all Highly Skilled,As sasuke Steps in the room Looking at a crowd of Opponents waiting for him he Gets out his sword Shouts Chidori Stream! And Stabs the sword to the Ground watching slowly as all of the slowly fading,Orochimaru say&#039;s Yes hes almost complete... 2 Years Passes by,Sasuke gets up from Bed and walks to orochimarus Room Finding him Holding Naruto and Sakura Hostage!<br />
---<br />
To Be Continued<br />
<br />
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Written: 4 years ago
Views: 543
Property: Naruto