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Curse Mark 3 -E05-
Last time:Sasuke finds orochimaru Holding Sakura and Naruto Hostage.<br />
Now:-<br />
Sasuke:How could you!? You promised me they won&#039;t Get Hurt!,Sasuke falls to his Knees,<br />
Orochimaru:Hehee I Know Im i want to see if your Truly in my Side,&quot;Its actually a GENJUTSU orochimaru Traps Sasuke in&quot;,<br />
Sasuke looks Scared and Gets out his sword and aims it to naruto while swifts it to orchimaru saying Good Bye orochimaru and Slashes the sword onto Orochimaru and the GENJUTSU breaks While orochimaru Laying on the floor dead and crippled coughing out blood,Saying: &quot;This is just the Start&quot; and Dies.<br />
----<br />
To be Continued<br />
<br />
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Written: 4 years ago
Views: 605
Property: Naruto