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Still Waiting-Gaara-2
Gaara loped down the stairs and met my eyes. The connection was telepathic. We both knew what each other wanted. He actually cracked a smile.<br />
&quot;Happy birthday, Miroki-chan&quot; He said.<br />
&quot;Yeah... Thanks&quot; I said in a daze.<br />
&quot;How old are you today?&quot; He asked, already knowing my current age.<br />
&quot;17 I think&quot; I said. <br />
&#039;Wow that&#039;s really sad. I can&#039;t even keep track of my age&#039; I thought.<br />
&quot;Well. Kankuro and I have to go on a mission today. You kids have fun!&quot; Temari chanted.<br />
<br />
Awkward.<br />
They left Gaara and I looking at eachother in the kitchen. Then our speed was sudden. In an instant Gaara had tackled me to the ground and was forcefully kissing me.<br />
His hands traveled up the back of my shirt to unclip my bra.<br />
Then in an instant. Gaara had teleported us up to his bedroom.<br />
There was absolutely no light up there. I could only feel Gaara&#039;s breath across my face. He was breathing very heavily, I could feel his chest heaving against mine. <br />
<br />
2be continued

by adrenalineXlove
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 227
Property: Naruto