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Curse Mark 3 -E07-
Sasuke has been accepted as a Wood Shinobi!<br />
Now as he walks off out of the Kage&#039;s tower he Notices hes still a Gennin,He got a Team of 3,It consists of 3 Gennin and 1 Jonnin Leader,And they are:<br />
<br />
Sora:Weak,Scared,Shy(Male)<br />
Tsukimo:Tough,Strong,Good Spirit(Female)<br />
Sasuke:Calm,Uchiha,Strong(Male)<br />
Monato:(Jonnin)Calm,Tough,Mix(Male)<br />
Team: 8b<br />
<br />
As Team 8b Set out on Missions gaining skills,And fighting strong Opponents!<br />
(This is where the story starts!)<br />
-<br />
To be continued<br />
<br />
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Written: 4 years ago
Views: 597
Property: Naruto