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The story of Nakita the 10 tail
It all started when that day happend her life was enough of a mess to start with asshe thought of it.Nakita(dark purple hair pulled back with ice blue eyes) and two of her teamates were on a mission of transporting a group of incapable kids back to the village of the Mist after they atemted to have a fake mission.they had just finished and were on their way back.She was happy the 3 litle brats had gone they had done nothing but yell and ask questions the whole 3 days they were moving.She and her teamates would have made it there in 1 day because of how fast they ran."Nakita...Nakita" "huh" she had been thinking so hard that she didnt here her teamate kisane(short light brown hair with dark green eyes)(and yes he has a name that sounds like one of the akatsuski get over it)trying to talk to her."we need to stop"kisane froze"i...i mean..."he stammerd"can we stop""sure"Nakita replied"thankyou"her other teamate Milea(light kind of short blond hair with light green eyes)said.She thought about it alot espessialy when people said anything to do with it.The thing lurking inside her...trying every cance it got to take over her body...the thing she hated...the thing everyone was afraid of...the thing that terified everyone that knew...her teamates,her whole village,everyone...the 10 tail Shamerusomia."were done"Kisane said"hey Nakita you mind if we speed up a little so we can get there faster?"Malia asked" I would be glad if we did!I got prety tired of going that slow with those kids!"Nakita replied Milea only smiled and put some thing back in her bag. They started off again an prety soon they were almost back to the village of the hidden forest (which was actually hidden only one of thier alloys the Mist new were it was)as they aproached the smell of smoke and ashes came to their noses.They quickend their pace and came to the clearing that lay in front of the village...the 3 of them stood in horor.The village was destroyed.

by gaararocksxoxo
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,017
Property: Naruto